Cash for gift cards

Warren Exchange would like to introduce you to our new program.  Cash for gift cards.

Do you have gift cards laying around?  Are they burning a hole in your pocket?  Turn those unwanted gift cards into CASH!

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Customer of the Month


There has been a ton of changes in the store. I have moved things around, taken down a wall, redecorated…I have been busy, one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in a while. One of the things that always was a constant was my favorite customer “Hector“.
When I first opened the store he came in frequently (when he was still driving). He would stop by on his way to the way to the Barrington Senior Center once a week on his way to go dancing with the ladies. He told me how his dance card was full, he was one of the only men who still had the moves.
He always picked up Morgan dollars. I believe he gave them away as tips and gifts. I could tell he was a generous guy.
He was a Navy man, he had a bunch of stories about his time in the service.
Whenever I got navy stuff I put them aside for him. When he came in I would say, “Hector, you won the customer of the month!” And I would give home a bunch of the navy stuff I put aside for him.
Over the past year his visits were less frequent, and it was a tough winter to be out. He had a wonderful nurse that would drive him in to visit and pick up his beloved Morgan dollars. The last time I saw him was around thanksgiving. I had put a Navy/American Flag pin aside for him, so when I saw him I pinned it on his jacket.
It was the last time I saw him. I am going to miss him, my one and only “Customer of the Month”

Jane Austin Ring of your Own!


For the first time ever, my store has been blogged about.
If you haven’t heard, Kelly Clarkson purchased Jane Austin’s ring for $237,000. There is a big brouhaha going on because England doesn’t want the ring to leave the country. (Can’t really blame them, she is a national treasure).

Latonya Yvette, a fashion blogger, searched the web for rings that are similar or inspired by Jane Austin’s ring… know for those of us that can’t drop a quarter million for one ring.
She was featured on Babble, and my ring was one of the six she choose.


“Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Unlike Jane Austen’s ring, this one is sterling silver. A rustic look for the win.
This medieveal inspired piece is from Warren Exchange for $29″

Found at todays yard sale…..a very rare mask!

Today while bringing out stuff for the yard sale, I found this mask peaking up at me.

I first thought it was a silver head, and then found out it was a very rare mask.


1967 Don Post Studios Metaluna Man Robot Mask.  It is marked on the back (c) 1967 Don Post Studios Inc X7-VL67432.  It is in such great shape, and when I found it, it has 1970’s newspapers inside.  I know it is original.  

I put it on ebay so if you are interested you can find it here.  It has a low starting bid 🙂


Check out this video of Metaluna man versus Spiderman.  Go to 4:20, that is where the action starts.



Rollfast Bicycle

Most things that come into my shop I buy, I own for a little while, then I sell, and never see them again. “Turn and burn”, that is the name of the game. They are just objects, you really can’t become attached. Some of the things you sell, you know the next owner is going to give it a good home…even refurbish it. I often wonder how these projects come out.
This week I sold a Rollfast bike. I bought it months ago. The woman who sold it to me told me how it was her dad’s bike. He had saved Kellogg reward points and sent away for the bike.
The person who bought it, Randy, is a regular at the store. He lives a few streets behind the shop, and I always see him riding around town on his bike. He works at “Your Bike Shop” on Cole Street, and is one of the biggest bike enthusiasts I know.

The bike is cool, it still had the original headlight and newspaper rack, and whitewall tires.
I can’t wait to see it restored and back to its original beauty. I’m sure Randy will be stopping by to grab one of our free lollipops and show off his handy work 🙂


Trench Art

Trench art is any decorative item made by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians, where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences.
Common articles that this includes are decorated shell and bullet casings and items carved from wood and bone.

This piece of trench art walked into the store. It is WW II P‑38 Lockheed Lightning Ashtray.
Base constructed from British 1943 25 pounder shell casing,
stand constructed from 50 cal. machine gun cartridge.
P-38 aircraft constructed from 30 cal., and 50 cal. bullets and cartridge case brass.
Approximately 8 inches tall with a wing span of 7 inches.
The P-38 can be removed from the base, and it spins nicely when it is sitting on the base.

The base is engraved “New Guinea 1943”

The top is made of 30 and 50 cal. Bullets and it is incredible how closely it resembles the P-38 Lockheed Lightening as it was intended to do. Imagine the man (or woman) who put this together so long ago. This is one of the many instances that I enjoy my job, getting to see interesting things and owning them…if only for a short while.

Ain’t I a Woman?

I was a humanities major in college. I actually started grad school for a degree in gender and ethnic studies before I stopped to make a film. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this token come in the shop.
This is a “hard times token”, struck in 1838. I thought I was soooooo smart, telling the 2 guys in the shop the token must be a commemorative to Sojourner Truth. Of course neither of the guys knew anything about Sojourner Truth or her famous speech “ain’t I a woman”.
The obverse of the coin has the saying “am I not a woman & a sister”. While it is not the direct saying of Sojourner Truth, I figured that maybe they paraphrased her a bit, cleaned it up to make it more acceptable. When Sojourner made the speech at the Ohio Women’s Rights convention, many white women did not want her to join in “their” convention because they didn’t want people to confuse the anti-slavery movement with the women’s rights movement.
Well, it is 175 years since the coin was released, and I was confused.
This token was released in 1838….but Sojourner Truth didn’t make her speech until 1851.
I’m not telling the guys in my shop…don’t you tell them either. I’m going to keep the token for my collection anyway 🙂

I love going through scrap…until I see this

I buy silver. I buy ounces and ounces of silver. Actually pounds of it. I know owners of many of the local pawn shops, and I drive around to many other buy/sell stores throughout New England. I buy jewelry and some other things I sell to other dealers or online.
Many shops send the jewelry to be melted. I own a shop, I melt jewelry all the time. I mostly melt the mass produced items, or items that have been personalized (wedding bands or school rings).
When you send something to the refinery, you have to remove the stones. Usually this just means hitting it with a hammer, basically destroying the piece of jewelry.
When I see an item that is antique, or has a signature, I save it from the refinery. I would hate to be the person who sent a 100 year old piece or a Native American piece to it’s death!
I was raised Catholic, and for some reason I have no problem melting a mass produced 14 k gold cross, but I can’t bring myself to melt a Navajo artist signed Turquoise sterling silver ring?



These two rings were in one pawn shop’s scrap pile. I buy some of their silver, but I got there too late, they had already removed the stones. This doesn’t have a traditional signature, and I don’t know who made these rings. Imagine what the front looked like? The artist who made these rings put that much detail into the back, a part of the ring no one will see but the owner!


Hopefully next time I will make it there before hammer time!

Trying to stand out on etsy

So I have been selling on etsy for four months now. I actually enjoy it. I love hunting in different shops to find things I think that I can put up in my online shop. I do put up things that come in my store in Warren, but I like finding things at estate sales and other shops more. It is the thrill of the hunt.
Now that I have all these things, I need to stand out in this big ocean called Etsy! I think my pictures are good, I have even been featured in a bunch of treasuries 🙂
I started out by taking pics of everything on white backgrounds. I thought it looked clean and didn’t distract from the jewelry or whatever I was selling.
Just recently I picked up these mannequin hands. I painted them all bright colors.

I like the bright colors because they highlight the sterling silver, they draw the eye to the item, and the colors are pop and we are a pop and vintage store. Here is a picture on one of the bracelets displayed on the yellow hand.

Large malachite cuff bracelet. Malachite saw tooth bezel set in Sterling silver with a rope surround.
The Malachite measures 1.25 inches by 1 inch. This is a beautifully cut stone. The cuff measures 5 inches with a 1 inch gap.
If you do a search on etsy for any item, 40 will come up on a page. Ten rows of four pictures. If you were looking for a “malachite bracelet” your computer screen would look like this:

My eye goes right to the yellow hand, hopefully most people’s will. Once you click on it, you get 4 more close up pictures of the items. So, this is my attempt to stand out in the large ocean of etsy. Hopefully it will work….if it does don’t copy me!

Something old….Wedding sales on Etsy

One of the things I love most about selling on Etsy is talking to the customers. I get to talk to people all around the world. I sell everything, but the store focuses mostly on jewelry. Recently I have made two sales to women who purchased my jewelry to wear on their wedding day.

Josie, from California, bought these earrings. Her wedding is tomorrow, June 8th. Vintage Dangle Earrings. The earrings are trimmed in marcasite. The bottom is black enamel, with the top circle in Mother of Pearl. These measure 1.75 inches long and .5 inches wide. They are marked “925” and signed by “NS”. It will be raining in RI tomorrow, but I hope she has beautiful weather for her wedding. I have never been to California, but I imagine that they always have beautiful weather 🙂

Michelle from Singapore, bought this Art Nouveau Coin Silver Bracelet to wear at the upcoming wedding. A beautiful bracelet with delicate swirls through out the design of leaves with Marcasite inlaid in the stems.
This bracelet is marked “800”.
(.800 silver is an alloy of silver that is 800 parts silver and 200 parts other metals. It is also referred to as International Coin Silver. This alloy was common in the 19th and early 20th centuries on the European mainland) It also has a makers hallmark.

Check out my etsy store, you will surely find something old, and some blue things too 🙂